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Trustworthy, Quality Dental Care for Infants

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Dental care starts from an early age; in fact, if your child is old enough to have teeth, believe it or not, they’re also old enough to suffer from cavities and other oral health issues! For this reason, they should have their first dental checkup no later than their first birthday, and twice a year moving forward. Here at Gale Ranch Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics of San Ramon, we can do everything it takes to set your child up for a lifetime of happy, healthy smiling. Feel free to call us today to schedule your little one’s appointment for dentistry for infants in San Ramon!


Why Choose Gale Ranch Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics of San Ramon for Dentistry for Infants?

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Oral Health Risk Assessment

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Unfortunately, some infants are at a much higher risk for cavities than others. Rest assured, our team can perform an oral health risk assessment to better determine your child’s potential risk for tooth decay, gum disease, or other undesirable issues. That way, you can take all of the necessary steps to ensure that their smile is safe during their developmental years—believe it or not, their smile has a significant bearing on their overall wellness, too! Of course, we can also provide you with every bit of information you’ll need to lower your little one’s chances of these issues at home.


Person looking at a teething baby

The teething process is notoriously uncomfortable for children, and it begins occurring between the ages of 6 and 24 months. As the teeth begin erupting through the gumline, it can cause irritation and soreness for your little one. While this discomfort shouldn’t be too debilitating, we know that it’s not easy to watch your little one deal with it. Our team will make sure you can recognize the signs of teething, so that you can help make this process as comfortable as possible for your child. If there are other symptoms present that aren’t the result of teething, we’ll also be sure to take a closer look.

Non-Nutritive Oral Habits

Baby sucking their thumb

If your child sucks on their thumb or uses a pacifier while they’re still in the infant stage, it’s not concerning. However, it’s when these habits persist, specifically after the age of 3, that they become problematic. Our team can tell you everything you need to know about these and other non-nutritive habits, including how to put a stop to them before they’re able to cause any serious issues!