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4 Steps to Take When You Hear “I Lost My Crown!”

June 21, 2024

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Young woman in yellow T-shirt cupping hands over her mouth

You’re minding your own business when, suddenly, from the depths of the house, you hear your teen call your name. They’ve lost part of their tooth. Not their entire tooth, and not an organic fragment, but their dental crown! What should you do?

This is a good question. Crowns and natural teeth are very different, after all. Fortunately, a lost dental crown isn’t as serious as a lost tooth. Still, if the crown fell out, the natural part of your kid’s tooth is now exposed. It’ll require a gentle hand and some meticulous care, but there are a few things you can do after calling your emergency pediatric dentist. Keep reading to learn more.


Coaching Your Child Through Their First Week with Braces

June 17, 2024

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Little boy grimacing while wearing braces

Your child (or teen) is scheduled to receive a full set of traditional braces, and you’re both a little stressed. This orthodontic treatment has a reputation for being difficult to adjust to, after all.

Not to worry. These four tips for getting through the first week should help your child get the hang of their new dental appliance. With some mindfulness and consistent habits, they’ll be a braces pro in no time!


The Braces Are Off…Now What? What to Expect After Orthodontic Treatment

April 19, 2024

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a protective case and a retainer

If your child is like most kids, having their braces removed is a joyous occasion. Saying goodbye to the metal brackets and wires or even clear aligners allows them to revel in the look of their new smile. After spending years undergoing treatment, they may wonder what’s next. A board-certified orthodontist is here to explain what generally happens after a child or teenager completes treatment and what life will be like after braces.


Straightening Smiles On-Screen: 3 Movie References to Braces

April 3, 2024

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Girl with red hair in pale blue shirt grinning with braces

If you have a child or teenager at home who has crooked teeth, you’re probably considering different orthodontic treatments like braces. This tried-and-true method is a versatile solution with a long history of straightening even the most uneven smiles. Although your youth might be frustrated with their grin’s imbalanced appearance, they might be just as frustrated that they’ll need to have metal brackets bonded to their teeth for years.

It’s not uncommon for children and young adults to struggle with self-consciousness about traditional orthodontics. Remembering that they’re not alone in their frustrations can provide some well-deserved peace of mind. Keep reading to learn 3 pop-culture references featuring braces that might help alleviate their anxiety over their appearance!